Web & Internet Services

Website Development

We design and host professional websites that will effectively help to market your business online. Our expertise covers both static and dynamic websites. We design websites for companies, organizations, schools and online business. Whether you want a shopping cart, Online Application forms or a membership based website, we are more than capable of delivering the website of your choice in the shortest time possible.


Ugx 500,000

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Ugx 1,200,000

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Ugx 3,000,000

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Responsive (Mobile Friendly)
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Integration
Google Ads
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Content Management System (CMS)
Visa, Paypal & Mastercard

E-Commerce Websites

We develop highly secure and reliable e-commerce websites and platforms for businesses which want to sell and market their products and services online. Our e-commerce platforms support online payments such as VISA, PayPal and Master card. We also develop mobile applications to extend the applications usability.

Web Applications

At Gandapps we build and deploy web applications of any size. Through our team of professional developers we are able to develop web applications that scale to any workload and traffic. We also develop mobile applications to extend the applications usability across all users on all devices.

Dynamic Websites

We develop professional dynamic websites for businesses, organizations, media houses, news websites, social networks, online forums, online directories, among others. Our team of designers is well equipped to handle any type of project from a simple low traffic website to high traffic website serving videos and downloads.

We design 100% responsive websites that will enable your website to be viewed across all devices. By using responsive design we ensure that your website adopts to any screen size, whether smart phones, tablets or desktops, all your customers have have to do is visit the website and it will automatically scale to fit to their screen size.

Domain Registration

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Domain Pricing

1.COM40,000 Ugx40,000 Ugx40,000 UgxPer year
2.ORG40,000 Ugx40,000 Ugx40,000 UgxPer year
3.NET40,000 Ugx40,000 Ugx40,000 UgxPer year
4.BIZ40,000 Ugx40,000 Ugx40,000 UgxPer year
5.CO.UG120,000 Ugx120,000 Ugx120,000 UgxPer year
6.UG120,000 Ugx120,000 Ugx120,000 UgxPer year

SSL Certificates

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Online Advertising

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