Technology solutions for Healthcare

At Gandapps we provide a wide range of technology solutions for healthcare such as custom built software, networking infrastructure, computing, data storage and data analytics. Our team of experienced professionals works tirelessly to ensure we provide our clients with updated and secure ict solutions. Whether you are a big pharmaceutical company or a healthcare research center, Gandapps’s leadership in life sciences enables research without boundaries. Our technology enables life science solutions including medical imaging, molecular dynamics, healthcare analytics, NGS and cybersecurity.

Gandapps solutions for healthcare

  1. Medical imaging
  2. Healthcare analytics
  3. Molecular dynamics simulation
  4. Next-generation sequencing (NGS)
  5. Cybersecurity for healthcare facilities.

Advanced solutions

Ready to upgrade up your next-generation healthcare delivery systems? We’ll help you do real time analysis up to 10 times faster than with other systems. Slimface systems can handle a country's largest medical data analysis, scaling nearly linearly up to tens of thousands of nodes. And big data platforms such as Hadoop can provide significant performance benefits for large scale medical applications. Gandapps gives you more than speed. We simplify time-to-operation by building key analytics software right into our system architecture. You can improve the productivity of your software development team by a factor of three, even as you explore datasets that are three times larger — or more.

Because Gandapps builds capability systems, you get speed and flexibility with less computational infrastructure than commodity clusters would require. And Gandapps systems scale hand in hand with your growing workload. We leverage 5 years of dominance in HPC to build a platform that enables all the core components for precision analytics.